Individual Psychotherapy

Is anxiety or fear holding you back? Do you feel compelled to please others at your own expense? Do you want to feel more fulfilled in your personal, professional or creative life?

Whether conscious or unconscious, our beliefs and perceptions about ourselves and others shape our approach to life and impact our important attachment relationships. Gaining insight into limiting assumptions and patterns, learning new strategies, and discovering the strength to take risks, can transform self-defeating behaviors into life-enhancing decisions.

Couples Counseling & Family Therapy

Is your relationship caught in painful repetitive interactions that never seem to resolve? Does every attempt to talk about it escalate into an argument?

Constructive communication is more likely to occur in a calm and respectful atmosphere. I help couples and families create more satisfying, intimate relationships by reducing conflict, teaching communication skills and examining underlying issues. This results in deeper empathy, love, and understanding of one another. Relationships are a challenging part of life, but also the most rewarding!


Are there unresolved emotional wounds that continually take charge of your life? Are you interested in an exploration of your inner world to enrich your sense of self?

Releasing the impacts of certain life experiences such as trauma, neglect, or unresolved grief and loss frees us of long-standing pain and suffering. Psychoanalysis is long-term, intensive work that focuses more on the internal landscape of a person than on external circumstances. It is a journey into the rich, creative world of the unconscious for anyone who wants a more meaningful life experience.

Supervision For Clinicians

Supervision for clinicians. Supervision-of-Supervision for AAMFT or CAMFT Approved Supervisor training programs.